Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Okay, my friggen roommate, miss Sarah Lynne, just came home with a handful of something like 8 Valentine's Day cards to send to all her loved ones. This is her idea of a nice gesture. It's my idea of, well, I couldn't even tell you because the thought never occurred to me. I don't remember the last time I licked a stamp (!) and actually utilized that nearly outdated thing our taxes pay for. But to Sarah this is just common courtesy. It's too bad I live with her, because this is what you get if you don't:

"Dear Jessica, here's 10 bucks. Go to the bar and find you a random tonight. Love, Sarah"

She dotted all her i's with hearts, you guys. She's. Not. Kidding.

Since I don't have the patience for archaic forms of communication, I did something a wee bit different.
Sometime last week I realized I wasn't going to have a Valentine this time around (it's been a slow school year) but immediately decided there was nothing wrong with that, and there's no reason why I shouldn't still celebrate. Take that, couples! Love is a nice thing, and though I'm not participating at the moment I like to enjoy the concept from time to time. In, you know, a nonpathetic way.

Long story short, I made a playlist of all my favorite songs about love (the good kind) and decided to share it with everyone. Some are classic, some you may not know, some you may know but ignore because they're overplayed and cliche. Basically it's just every mix cd I've ever made for a dude all rolled into one big lovefest. I'm happy enough on my own that I can actually enjoy this sappy crap from a nice perspective, and hey, you should too. Also maybe some of these will help you get laid.

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