Wednesday, February 25, 2009

(nose) running in heels

I'm really sick today. My face is so swollen I can barely open my eyes. Constant runny nose. Throat o' sandpaper. The works.

I was in no mood to go to class or post today, but I felt compelled to do both. Especially because as I was chillin in recuperation , I watched the premier episode of "Running in Heels," a new reality show on Style that follows fashion interns at Marie Claire through their experiences as pathetic noobs. I love this crap because even though, like all other reality shows, it is pretty obviously's a nice little 'preview' to what I want to do with my life. They make it look pretty intense (and those girls are the dumb as HALE). If you watched Project Runway, or just know your stuff, you'll recognize fashion editor Nina Garcia. And probably automatically dislike her. Lindsay Lohan also makes the briefest of appearances. The show premiers on The Style Network at 8 est, but you can actually watch the first episode now at Go ahead and get hooked.


want to know why print is not dead, people? Check out this article. I told you. We just have to suck it up and adapt.

In other news, the plumber FINALLY came by and fixed the drain in our tub. Tonight I guess I'll be scrubbing away so we can use the damn thing without gagging. Eeeeeew.

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