Friday, February 6, 2009

Bonnaroo vs. Coachella: BATTLE ROYALE

On the subject of indecision, it's that time of year again...
summer festival SHAKEDOWN

So I've done the Roo thing for 3 years now, and honestly it keeps getting better. BUT Coachella moved dates this time around so they don't conflict with my exam schedule (aw, thanks guys) and I feel obligated to participate. I guess they're far enough apart that I could do both. Hypothetically. Like if I wasn't broke. And that whole 'getting a job' thing is a lot harder than it sounds. Apparently I can't just get paid to sit on my couch writing about stuff.


have you SEEN the Coachella lineup? It pretty much ousts every band Bonnaroo has in store. Whatever Roo has, they have, and then some. Unless you like jam bands. or Snoop Dogg. But there's something about not having to cross the country that makes me want to stick with tradition. Plus I have a thing for camping. And mud.


I need Surkin. and the Bloody Beetroots. I need Fleet Foxes and Beirut and the CURE.
I need. Help.

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