Saturday, February 21, 2009

American Apparel....not impressive.

Yes, American Apparel is clothing for the masses... but does it have to be the same clothing every year?

I know this is annoying--and kind of hypocritical--but I'm getting sick of American Apparel's metallic spandex theme. It's not that I hate it or find it unsightly...I'm just getting bored. Their emails keep filling my inbox with terms like "Spring Nouveau" in the subject line, but I checked and there's nothing 'nouveau' about it. Same thing as last time around. Maybe I'm wrong, but doesn't every other clothing manufacturer have to switch things up at least once a year? One's wardrobe can only handle so much lamé before it's just lame. Two or three years ago, those rocking this look would have been few and far between. It used to take guts to dress like a disco ball. and now that it is EVERYwhere, what used to be considered fashion-forward is just a default outfit for any hipster socialite. I think American Apparel should take this matter into their own hands. Let's put this theme behind us and let it retain its respectability before we suck the remaining life out of it. They're probably making buttloads of money right now, but they need to get innovative. It's really only a matter of time before the clothes stop selling themselves, and AA has to get some more models that aren't strange looking.

ps, This is a criticism of a brand I'm disappointed in. It isn't a personal attack on your booty shorts.

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