Thursday, February 26, 2009

To Whom It May Concern...


You stole my oh-so-legit black leather Member's Only. It was my favorite jacket of all time. You are a jerk and you are not invited to my party on Friday.

BUT everyone else is! Come get happy at the M.A.S.K residence tomorrow from 10pm to whenever. There will be music and other festivities, but mostly just music. It's byob because my roommates and I can't handle providing for people who won't pay (which is everyone). Being broke sucks, I know--but all the more reason to, like, dance away your troubles...or whatever. The address is on the Facebook event I made. WOooooord okay see you here.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

(nose) running in heels

I'm really sick today. My face is so swollen I can barely open my eyes. Constant runny nose. Throat o' sandpaper. The works.

I was in no mood to go to class or post today, but I felt compelled to do both. Especially because as I was chillin in recuperation , I watched the premier episode of "Running in Heels," a new reality show on Style that follows fashion interns at Marie Claire through their experiences as pathetic noobs. I love this crap because even though, like all other reality shows, it is pretty obviously's a nice little 'preview' to what I want to do with my life. They make it look pretty intense (and those girls are the dumb as HALE). If you watched Project Runway, or just know your stuff, you'll recognize fashion editor Nina Garcia. And probably automatically dislike her. Lindsay Lohan also makes the briefest of appearances. The show premiers on The Style Network at 8 est, but you can actually watch the first episode now at Go ahead and get hooked.


want to know why print is not dead, people? Check out this article. I told you. We just have to suck it up and adapt.

In other news, the plumber FINALLY came by and fixed the drain in our tub. Tonight I guess I'll be scrubbing away so we can use the damn thing without gagging. Eeeeeew.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Notes

Song of the day: Röyksopp, 'Happy Up Here'

Outfit of the day (but not the whole day): blink182 shirt, ha + bass shoes + free people coat + ugly.

Cool things of the day:
I've come across some things recently that those of you in my JoMC class might enjoy. The first is, a blog dedicated to all different types of magazines and their production. Obviously I love it because I'm obsessed with magazines.

The second is a clip from an episode of The Daily Show that I caught this week. The guest on February 9 was Walter Isaacson, author of "How to Save Your Newspaper," who spoke on the issue of reviving our nation's print media industry. They bring up a lot of interesting points on topics we've been discussing in class. Also it's funny.

Lastly, we spent a lot of time in class on Tuesday discussing airbrushing and editing photos for magazines. Back in May of '08, The New Yorker did a great profile on professional retoucher Pascal Dangin. I recently came across it again, and found it an interesting compliment to our discussion this past week. Cool.

Anyway, I have to take a nap, or do something to get pumped for Party Gras!! Sorry to be such a nerd on a Saturday.

American Apparel....not impressive.

Yes, American Apparel is clothing for the masses... but does it have to be the same clothing every year?

I know this is annoying--and kind of hypocritical--but I'm getting sick of American Apparel's metallic spandex theme. It's not that I hate it or find it unsightly...I'm just getting bored. Their emails keep filling my inbox with terms like "Spring Nouveau" in the subject line, but I checked and there's nothing 'nouveau' about it. Same thing as last time around. Maybe I'm wrong, but doesn't every other clothing manufacturer have to switch things up at least once a year? One's wardrobe can only handle so much lamé before it's just lame. Two or three years ago, those rocking this look would have been few and far between. It used to take guts to dress like a disco ball. and now that it is EVERYwhere, what used to be considered fashion-forward is just a default outfit for any hipster socialite. I think American Apparel should take this matter into their own hands. Let's put this theme behind us and let it retain its respectability before we suck the remaining life out of it. They're probably making buttloads of money right now, but they need to get innovative. It's really only a matter of time before the clothes stop selling themselves, and AA has to get some more models that aren't strange looking.

ps, This is a criticism of a brand I'm disappointed in. It isn't a personal attack on your booty shorts.

Friday, February 20, 2009


WOOOORD it's Friday. Time to make up for the 60 hours I spent in the UL this week. Here's wass happenin.

Fujiya & Miyagi @ Cat's Cradle! I don't think I know a lot of people going, so join me if you daaare. These guys are a lot of fun, plus they're touring with Project Jenny, Project Jan so it's gon be BOUNCY. Listen to this album and see if happiness doesn't shoot out your butt. $14 at the door.

If you really don't want to see me but want to hear some jams, Lake Inferior is opening for Boxbomb and House of Fools at Local 506 tonight! This will be their last show in town for a while, and these guys have some great new stuff. Show starts at 9:30.

THEN tomorrow I will be attending Party Gras hosted by my fabulous future roomies Jessi Harris and Austin Monroe (shh, secret event). I got the tunes on lock and of course will be taking pictures to prove how legit this is. It's gon be real.

Well, I have to prepare myself for the evening now because WINSTON, aka the most epic sibling EVER, is coming to throw down. It's been something like 2 weeks since I've seen him, and he's my bfffffff. Look at this kid

Those are glowsticks on his fingers, he is badass. Have a crazy weekend people, and if you ever feel like doing anything illegal, watch this video and learn a valuable lesson!


It STILL goes there!

Damn son, Degrassi is still kickin it.

It's been about 3 or 4 years since my devotion to the Canadian series Degrassi kinda fell away. As I grew up, the drama got pretty pathetic and not remotely believable. I guess there was enough intensity in my own life that I didn't need to see a poorly acted version of it recreated.
But I'm bored, and appArently they're showing it on MTV now (weird. also kindof lame). I'm not too interested in the predictable craziness that occurs (threesomes!?, and the fact that there's an entirely new cast is a bit offputting. EXCEPT for the following:

mmm haaaay. I realize that he's 16 or whatever, but he's pretty dreamy. He plays the token 'cute AND smart' guy that has a crush on the geeky, frumpy girl with braces. Bit of a stretch. But I never watched the show for the storyline anyway.

Even though this show totally sucks, it looks great compared to the other mindless bullshit on MTV. Plus, EVeryone on it is sexy. There's a new episode on The N at 8 tonight that I probably won't go out of my way to see (on a Friday? stupid), but I enjoy getting a little glimpse every now and then. Yum.

Not a pedophile, by the way

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kors Light

Presenting: Designers that usually bore me but whose new collections are pretty interesting, Vol 1.

Michael Kors: I guess I have an aversion to wearable clothing. There's something about Michael Kors' previous collections that hasn't been particularly inspiring...a few oo's and ah's from time to time, but I'd say Kors is known more for classic pieces rather than crazy ones. I like crazy! Which is why I am so, so very attracted to this new NEON thing he has going on. Yeah, I've been getting pretty tired of the Nu Rave look, but I would definitely rock this fuzzy yellow ensemble. Any day. Congrats Kors on acheiving what shall now be known as 'conservative crazy'

Photo: Britt Aboutaleb of Fashionista

Sex and the Sequel?!

It's been a while since Michael Patrick King and Sarah Jessica Parker started 'talking' about a sequel for 2008's Sex and the City Movie. For a while it was speculation whether or not it would actually occur, but recently all four of my favorite women agreed to star in SatC2, and make my life complete.
I just can't stop thinking about what else could possibly happen to these girls that hasn't already, in some form. Apparently Candace Bushnell is currently writing a prequel to the book that spawned the series, taking readers through Carrie Bradshaw's college years. If they could somehow incorporate that into the film, I would love love love to see what Pat Field does with the wardrobe. I can see it now...minus those Candie's Stanford told us all about in episode 62. Yikes.

Unfortunately we probably won't be getting any more Sex until 2011, so I guess I'll just have to re-watch my favorite moments until then.

I can't wait!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's News to Me...

Blog Assignment 2

It's hard to find credible sources of information these days. The unabashed bias of major media companies is impossible to ignore. Any average joe can start a blog and call it 'news' (I mean, I'm doing it). So, like many Americans, I get my world updates from entertaining sources with biases I can trust.

1. Current TV.
If you have digital cable or satellite, venture up into the 100's and you'll see a brilliant, progressive channel called Current, whose major objective is to bring news to the people, from the people (albeit people under 30, in most cases). It's like YouTube without all the crap! The people at Current will accept viewer-created videos on major news or human interest pieces and put them on their website for review. The most popular stories make it on TV. I love this station because the videos are usually under 10 minutes each, with very few commercials (many of which are also viewer-created). You'd be surprised what people our age find important, and at how much you can learn sitting on your couch for an hour. Go to to check it out!

2. The Daily Show/Colbert Report
I started watching The Daily Show in 7th grade when Bush's failures as a politician got bad enough for a 12-year-old to understand. I kept watching because the material got better and better as the administration worsened. And if I was going to hear biased news (because there's really no other kind at this point) I wanted to hear MY bias, and I wanted it to be funny. Of course, over time I formed a place in my heart for then-Daily Show correspondent Stephen Colbert's pseudo-conservative satire. Once he got a spinoff show, I gladly dedicated an hour of each night to Comedy Central. Obama lovers, don't dispair. I, too, was nervous they'd start poking fun at our leader now that Bush is out of office. As it turns out, there's still quite a bit of left-wing material.

3. Twitter
With Facebook's versatility and universal popularity, it might seem kind of lame to join yet another social network dedicated to one-line blurbs that are, essentially, Facebook statuses. When I made my account, it seemed a bit useless because no one I knew had one. But I started checking it almost hourly when I realized I could follow major credible media like the New York Times. With Twitter I can get immediate one-line updates with links from my favorite news sources, companies, and even famous people. It's like if your Facebook News Feed showed updates from all your favorite websites! Once you start making Tweets, it's hard to stop.

4. And of course, blogs! (but only the trustworthy ones, like!!)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Okay, my friggen roommate, miss Sarah Lynne, just came home with a handful of something like 8 Valentine's Day cards to send to all her loved ones. This is her idea of a nice gesture. It's my idea of, well, I couldn't even tell you because the thought never occurred to me. I don't remember the last time I licked a stamp (!) and actually utilized that nearly outdated thing our taxes pay for. But to Sarah this is just common courtesy. It's too bad I live with her, because this is what you get if you don't:

"Dear Jessica, here's 10 bucks. Go to the bar and find you a random tonight. Love, Sarah"

She dotted all her i's with hearts, you guys. She's. Not. Kidding.

Since I don't have the patience for archaic forms of communication, I did something a wee bit different.
Sometime last week I realized I wasn't going to have a Valentine this time around (it's been a slow school year) but immediately decided there was nothing wrong with that, and there's no reason why I shouldn't still celebrate. Take that, couples! Love is a nice thing, and though I'm not participating at the moment I like to enjoy the concept from time to time. In, you know, a nonpathetic way.

Long story short, I made a playlist of all my favorite songs about love (the good kind) and decided to share it with everyone. Some are classic, some you may not know, some you may know but ignore because they're overplayed and cliche. Basically it's just every mix cd I've ever made for a dude all rolled into one big lovefest. I'm happy enough on my own that I can actually enjoy this sappy crap from a nice perspective, and hey, you should too. Also maybe some of these will help you get laid.

Get a playlist!
Standalone player
Get Ringtones!


Gah! With the absurdly nice weather and unacceptable amounts of homework (srsly?) that I've been experiencing lately, I kinda fell short in the blog-development department. But it's cloudy out and I have nothing to do so you can expect a few posts today.

New in Awesometown:
has posted a free download of Shine Shine by Boys Noize, the Shadow Dancer remix!!>!@)$( If you care about your ears at all, it would behoove you to check it out.

God I love Germans.

Speaking of which, I'm trying to decide whether I should go on a Montreal road trip with Greg over spring break, or go to LA to see the infamous Janice Cooper. Either way, I have free lodging in a place I've never been. But I'm trying to gauge the potential epicness of each situation. And this is swaying me a bit...

I know I can't just trek across the country every time there's a show I want to see but...wait, yes I can. Let me know what you think and if you want to come along.

Important note: I had Sleep on Needles by Sondre Lerche playing when I opened the HARD festival page, and just made one of the most perfect accidental mashups of my life.

thank you and goodnight.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Bonnaroo vs. Coachella: BATTLE ROYALE

On the subject of indecision, it's that time of year again...
summer festival SHAKEDOWN

So I've done the Roo thing for 3 years now, and honestly it keeps getting better. BUT Coachella moved dates this time around so they don't conflict with my exam schedule (aw, thanks guys) and I feel obligated to participate. I guess they're far enough apart that I could do both. Hypothetically. Like if I wasn't broke. And that whole 'getting a job' thing is a lot harder than it sounds. Apparently I can't just get paid to sit on my couch writing about stuff.


have you SEEN the Coachella lineup? It pretty much ousts every band Bonnaroo has in store. Whatever Roo has, they have, and then some. Unless you like jam bands. or Snoop Dogg. But there's something about not having to cross the country that makes me want to stick with tradition. Plus I have a thing for camping. And mud.


I need Surkin. and the Bloody Beetroots. I need Fleet Foxes and Beirut and the CURE.
I need. Help.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ben there done that

Question: has anyone listened to Ben Kweller in the last 4 years? I noticed him on the Cat's Cradle schedule amongst the many bands I'm actually excited about, and I have to say...underwhelming. I haven't been keeping up with the guy since his self-titled snoozefest dropped in 2006. Who knows, maybe his new material is amazing...but can anything really be good after ShaSha? Is it even worth googling? Eh, maybe I'll go just to relive memories of being 15...oh, the days.