Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday Notes

Song of the day: Röyksopp, 'Happy Up Here'

Outfit of the day (but not the whole day): blink182 shirt, ha + bass shoes + free people coat + ugly.

Cool things of the day:
I've come across some things recently that those of you in my JoMC class might enjoy. The first is, a blog dedicated to all different types of magazines and their production. Obviously I love it because I'm obsessed with magazines.

The second is a clip from an episode of The Daily Show that I caught this week. The guest on February 9 was Walter Isaacson, author of "How to Save Your Newspaper," who spoke on the issue of reviving our nation's print media industry. They bring up a lot of interesting points on topics we've been discussing in class. Also it's funny.

Lastly, we spent a lot of time in class on Tuesday discussing airbrushing and editing photos for magazines. Back in May of '08, The New Yorker did a great profile on professional retoucher Pascal Dangin. I recently came across it again, and found it an interesting compliment to our discussion this past week. Cool.

Anyway, I have to take a nap, or do something to get pumped for Party Gras!! Sorry to be such a nerd on a Saturday.

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