Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Distraction Central

That's the name of this week. Despite having an extremely crucial Spanish midterm tomorrow, statistics homework I don't understand, 80 poems to analyze and a media business to plan out--I have one things on the brain. Music. And only music.
Here's what we got going on.

Cut Copy at Cat's Cradle. I just paid some guy 20 bucks for a ticket to this show because I failed to get my own in a timely manner. Yes, I am psyched. I'll be bringing my good camera to this show just because I'm pretty sure each song stays within reasonable, camera-friendly BPM. They will be preceded by the duo MATT & KIM (like a dance-pop Mates of State) with infectious melodies that you'd be chanting all night, were Cut Copy not going to come in a steal the spotlight with addictive disco beats. Damn them!

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